Finddle is an online platform that contents you to studios offering updates. It opportunes you to taking your talents, skills, business and enterprise globally. At finddle, we share our activities with ease and find interests from the contents of other studios.

Mission statement

our mission statement, is to provide swift access and bridging the gap to information

Finddle Team

Finddle was founded July 28th 2018 and launched January 20th 2021, by Engineering undergraduate Students of Madonna university Nigeria
The founder is Okwumezie Lawrence C.
Co-founders: Aighangbe Favour Gabriel, Wisdom Victor.
Founding employees: Edison Jakpa, Kalagbor Sophia C.

Finddle Policy

By using the Finddle, you agree to this policy. You agree to use our set of APIs, SDKs, plugins, code, specifications, documentation, technology, and services (such as content) that enable others, including application developers and website operators, to retrieve data from Finddle or provide data to us. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice, so please check it regularly. Your continued use of the online studio constitutes acceptance of any changes. You also agree to and are responsible for ensuring that you comply with the Finddle Terms of Use.

We provide Finddle to support several types of apps and services. First, we provide them to help studio owners share their own content with apps or services. We also support apps and services that help brands and advertisers understand and manage their audience, develop their content strategy, and obtain digital rights. Finally, we provide Finddle to help broadcasters and publishers discover content, get digital rights to media, and share media using web embeds. Finddle is not intended for other types of apps or services. For those we do support, the following terms and information also apply:

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